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MFA Fall 2023

Colour and expression is the main focus in my work, I use jarring and emotional reference material with contrasting bright colours representing my first hand experiences in managing my mental health. I use photos as my reference material which I capture during moments of strife. These images are genuine and raw expressions of my emotions, thoughts and feelings. I then alter the colours of the images while painting, to bright colours that contrast the emotions in the reference material. 

Mental health was always something I never worried about, I never saw how important it was until it was too late. My work centres around my personal experiences with mental health which includes going through an episode of psychosis, managing grief, having a mood disorder, and later being diagnosed with epilepsy. By sharing my experiences through my artwork I aim to raise awareness, create convversations and let other know they are not alone. My work is created by using my own thoughts, feelings and emotions as inspiration. 

Colours tend to be associated with feelings and emotions, by using a multitude of colours in my work I represent the multitude of these feelings and emotions that I and many others experience. Through self expression I aim to emulate the thoughts feelings and emotions so often felt within our psychological states. 

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